Friday, 9 March 2012

My backlog

You'd think that finishing a layout a month is not that hard - but I am behind with my project 12 (monthly compilation). I  had a couple of gaps in 2011 and I closed one of them - August 2011.

I cut the map and title cum journaling with the Silhouette Cameo. Just before it went on strike. Now the Silhouette aint cutting anything right. Sigh. I love this thing but sure he doesn't love me back. I have ordered a new blade, hopefully this will sort things out.

Have you noticed the little stick-on tabs? Like the red one below?

They're digital and printed with the photos; cutest thing in the world, and it doesn't give me grief like the Silhouette...

Click on the image to get to the shop, if you are interested:

And this a layout about my son's letter to Santa. The border is from a summer collection, showing watermelons - the colours were perfect for a Christmas themed layout.

I still have to print a copy of the letter to put under the "Dear Santa" flap.

Lately I am in a card mood, I have been making lots of them, my record was last Saturday - I finished 9 thank you cards for a friend. I was getting ready to make cards for Daffodil day, but when she phoned to ask for cards. She wanted to pay but I asked her to give some money to charity instead so it's all good.

Here some that I made lately.

Both were inspired by the Case Study Challenge Blog. I never finish and take a photo in time for the deadline but it helps to get me started.

On a sad note, I am closing my Mami Doodles digital images shop - thanks to everybody that supported it.




Trinh said...

Ooh you are on a crafty roll! I'm doing the monthly Project Life and I'm usually 2 months behind. Have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that map LO! Wow it's really different and defo needs to be submitted for publication! Your LO's are always fab and the cards are amazing and cannot belive you made 6 in one day, your like me, you move paper for ages before you stick!

Cliona Larkin said...

Hi Elisa,

The cards are stunning. I was just passing by to say that I have nominated you for an award on my blog

Jette Gad said...

I love your map LO... Oh and I love Ireland-its my second home...

Deirdre said...

Stunning LO's and stunning cards.

Maria Jordan-Lloyd said...

Oh my goodness - your Dublin 2 Rio layout is fab! It is so unique! I think I might steal this idea at some stage!