Tuesday 29 April 2008

The tooth fairy

Lucy lost her first tooth 3 weeks ago. She left the tooth under her pillow (in a tooth shaped box, courtesy of Air France, go figure!) and of course the tooth fairy came, took the tooth and left a few coins. She also left this card:

I made some inquiries and apparently the image was a freebie from Pati, no longer available, but she still have some cute ones here.

Puddles and a Hat

I did this one inspired by a competition @ Studio Calico and today I found out that I won the challenge! I am so delighted, you can't believe it.

The flowers are primas, kindly given to me by Sabrina, the colours matched Lucy's clothing perfectly. Thanks Sabrina!

This one is of Luke - you can see in his face, he was not feeling well that day, but he still wanted to wear the had given by a radio station in Wexford.

Sunday 13 April 2008

"Old" photos

This photo of my son literally fell out of my leftover photos (the ones that didn't make to neither the photoalbum or my scrapbook album). Looking at it again, I thought that, because he is using a pink soother, I could stray a little bit from a typical boy's layout. Here's the result.

Journaling says "Who says boys can't wear pink?".

After that, I went back to to my photo box and found a copy of one of my favourite photos of my DD, she was around 16 months then, and the photo was taken by a professional photographer at her creche.

Monday 7 April 2008

Call myself Hybrid?!

For someone like me that likes to pretend to be a hybrid scrapbooker, I am not doing much of neither digital nor hybrid work. Worse still, I have loads to learn. To remedy the situation, I've decided to do some of Jessica Sprague's tutorials in her blog. I've also ordered her book but it hasn't arrived yet.

I started with "Designing with rings", I copied every bit of Jessica's layout, even using a very similar alpha to hers. It turned out a bit boring (my LO, Jessica's one is fab) so I printed it and added some embellies.

This is the hybrid version, I scanned it and the colours came a bit off. Scanning never works for me, I'll try to take a photo tomorrow.

Sunday 6 April 2008

Neasa, look at this!

I just looked at Neasa's blog and saw this funny photo:

As well as funny, it has a freaky resemblance to one I took of my son in Debenhans.

That's DS with his first girlfriend. He likes the silent type. :-)

Friday 4 April 2008

More using the kits

I am feeling inspired lately. I have finished 3 layouts using the photos taken in the Easter break.

This is my favourite:

I lost my way while trying to finish the top part of the layout, I am still thinking on what to do to improve it.

I am trying to scrap nature photos, but am finding it very hard. It looks a bit naff I think.

Tuesday 1 April 2008


I thought I would never buy scrapbooking kits, because I was afraid I'd end up with lots of things I don't like but lately I have been feeling that I don't have enough variety in my stash. I never think I need embelishments so I hardly buy them if they're not flowers, but often "something" is missing in a layout and I don't have this thing.

Last week I got a kit from Scarlet Lime, and another one from Studio Calico and also am stalking Paper Posies. I seem to have gone from one extreme to the other!

I have done 4 layouts so far, but how many do I need to do to justify my kit-addiction?

I posted the one above in the Studio Calico challenge.