Wednesday 28 January 2009

So Laid Back

Maybe calling him laid back is not fitting as he's been having temper tantrums lately. But even them are a proof of how laid back he is, as most kids have them at the age of 2 (terrible twos and all), and he's waited until he was 3 and a bit ...

But he's the sort of guy that, if anything goes wrong, will always say: "I'll do it right tomorrow!"

My layouts are all straight lines and right angles so I decided to add some curves this time. Not too unhappy with it, but for my next experiment I'll try to use papers I like less. This was my favourite paper from my Studio Calico kit I can't help thinking I could have done better with it.

The butterfly was sent by my CS Santa, Jeanjeany.

Monday 26 January 2009

Crafteire sneaks!!!

Here's some sneaks for my "About you" class @ Crafteire. I used the colourful Cherry Arte Princess papers for a layout suitable for a girl or woman. It is sort of a "surprise" layout, with opens and reveal spaces for photos and journaling. I'll share of of my favourite techniques to use glitter and stamps, you will be addicted!

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Silly? Me?

I was going to add some journaling - but it is pretty self explanatory, isn't it?

Should I have said "3 year old" or "3 yearS old"? It was meant as in "He is 3 years old." S or not S?

Monday 19 January 2009

Crafteire and PaperPlay Challenge

Are you going to Crafteire?
I am, and this year, I'll be also teaching! I'm very excited about it, Kate & Mireille have just announced the classes, so go and check it out.

I'll be posting the material needed for my classes soon. Perhaps even some sneak peaks... :-)

This is my belated entry for the last Thursday's PaperPlay Challenge.

I loved the idea, pink & green are one of my favourite colour combos, and who doesn't love ribbons and blossom? The photo is a bit dark (I took it in around midday yesterday but it was pretty dark here, what can I do?) and no amount of Photoshop could fix it not the next photo, sorry.

Another one I made about the day we went bowling. The photos are very blurry, but I just love the photo of my son carrying the ball, he looks so small in comparison. All the photos, journaling and the circle were printed together, I only had to stick onto a piece of cardstock and add letter stickers. Easy peasy. Like the previous one, I used a template for printing the photos, this one is by Jessica Sprague, a CK freebie, the previous I've done myself. Templates are like digital sketches, but very very easy to use. If you wanna start digital or hybrid scrapbooking, send me a note and I'll give you links for a couple of tutorials and you can have page finished in a matter of minutes.

It is the first time ever that I scrapbooked an event on the same day it happened. I should do it more often, it is so much easier when all the memories are still fresh in my mind!

Friday 16 January 2009

Christmas Layouts - Some you win, some you loose

After a month of non-scrapping, I got back in the mood. Specially as I got a A3+ printer for Christmas, from my dear husband. I've been wanting an A3 printer for a while, but was afraid that I wasn't going to use it enough to justify the cost. The printer is relatively not that expensive but the ink cartridges cost a fortune. But I LOVE it!!!!

Here's the Christmas-themed layouts I've finished so far. There's two I like, and two that are so and so.

This is my daughter in the school Christmas show in 2006. The junior infants dress as angels, and I almost didn't have a record of her as I couldn't find my camera, but one of the other moms took a photo for me. We both forgot all about it until a couple of months ago I was at her house and she was showing some of her children's photos and she found this one.

For the title I used a word which I couldn't pronounce, let alone spell, but somehow "angel with glasses" didn't appeal to me. I had to have the dictionary open while I was putting the title together. Like this one.

When I made the Christmas cards for our family, I printed an extra of the internal pages and framed them as an extra Christmas decoration at home. Christmas over, I used the photos for a layout for each child.

Even though the Basic Grey paper is not Christmas themed, I thought the colours would go well with the red on the photo background. Didn't work out as well I hoped.

Another page documenting some of the things she got from Santa and other favourite presents. I could be used as a double layout with the page above. Another so and so.

This is for my son's page. I used stuff from the December Studio Calico kit, plus this gorgeous felt garland which was given by my Secret Santa Jeanjeany, and the bottom is a combination of several word-art digital elements which I got from

Probably my favourite of the lot. Meant to do another page but run out of while cardstock...


Kiki's card

I was Kiki's Secret Santa in the Craft Supplies swap and here's her thank you card. The idea is to use some of the presents one received to make the TY card.

I love it, it's beautiful and classy! Just like me. ;-) I wish...