Monday 25 July 2011

Sock Monsters

Before the summer holidays started I sat down with my daughter and asked her to make a list of things she wanted to do while she was off school, I did the same and later I asked the same from my husband and son. It was going well during the first two weeks but then my son got sick,  nothing serious but enough to stop outings, playdates, cinema and such things.

What was left was craft - I make sure my list had enough of them. This week the only thing we made was sock "monsters", using unpaired socks and the ones the children had grown out of.

I looked at some tutorials like this one for a cute owl and armed with enough knowledge made one of my own. It was meant first to be a owl too, but when I stuffed it looked more like a cat so I quickly changed plans.

Then it was time to get the children to make their own. My 9 year old daughter made with my supervision while I helped my son to make his, he choose the eyes and nose and I helped him glue them. I was using a glue gun so I didn't want any accidents.

It had a simple design, a bit like the one shown above, I took a photo of both of their work but accidentally deleted it. Later, when they saw my second attempt, they asked me to put arms, legs and tail on theirs. This is my son's.

The original pair of socks was one I bought in winter and they were nice and fluffy, perfect for this project.

This is the second one I made, using the remaining of the pair.

Wednesday 6 July 2011

one about the girl, one about the boy

I don't much use youtube, but definitely it has its use. My daughter wanted her hair braided into french plaits. Which I didn't know how to. After watching a couple of tutorial in youtube, I managed  to have her hair done.

This one is missing the title - I meant to superimpose "Tiddler" over "thing" on the die cut but didn't come round to do it.

The journaling says:

"Because you like to tell tales, I bought you a book about a little fish called Tiddler who always told tall lates. I think it backfired on me because you saw it as an encouragement.You told your teacher that I met President Obama when he visited Ireland.
You didn't think you'd get caught but you were.
Don't tell tales, Luke!"

I love it, not because of the design, but because it records something about my son, a historical event and also has my son's handwriting on it, I copied his school work and added to the layout. Sadly his grammar is not the best and I didn't think of asking him what he meant to wrote."