Monday 25 August 2008

Para Beth (for Beth)

This is essentially a scrapbooking-related blog, but this post is for my dear friend Beth - we lost touch 13 years ago, but recently we found each other again, thanks to another long-lost-found-again friend, Sueli.

Este é um blog dedicado a scrapbooking, mas estas fotos são para a minha querida amiga Beth. Nós nos perdemos 13 anos atrás, mas recentemente entramos em contato novamente, graças a uma outra amiga perdida-reencontrada - Sueli.

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Spelling, card inspiration and a couple of layouts

I am always shocked to see how many spelling mistakes I make while writing here. Apart from the ones I am unaware of, since I don't use a spell checker, there are the ones that I do due to lack of attention, such as thing instead of think and soon on. I reread my last post and I wrote quick instead of kick. Arghhhhhh!!!

Anyway, today I got a lovely surprise in the post. I am not a cardmaker, but everytime I get a card from Sabrina, I get this urge to make a card just like hers. Today it was no exception, I loved the card. The rub-ons on the transparencies are so lovely and the BG papers are so yummy I can't resist.

Sabrina, I am going to have a go, watch this space! {She's used to it already, whenever she sends me a card, she receives back a cheap imitation from me eventually. :-) }

This is another layout from the SC weekend scrap. I only have a photo of my 4th grade teacher, so I made a point to ask Lucy's teacher to pose with my daughter, before she finished Senior Infants. She was also her Junior Infant's teacher.

I don't know if she'd like to be online so I masked here face here.

This is the layout I made in Julie's crop last month but forgot to post. Since I took the photo I put a black outline around it, but it is still lacking something...

Sunday 17 August 2008

Go for It, Elisa and other layouts

I am going to do what most of posters who haven't been blogging for a while do. Just thrown lots of things crammed together to make up for the silence ;-)

Greta, from the Studio Calico forum is promotting a scrapping weekend and this (plus the fact that my kiddies are having a sleep over at my SIL's) got me inspired to scrap. I've only completed one so far, more to come (hopefully) tomorrow.

This is a kick on my own backside, to get me to be more adventurous and to take more risks...

One of the photos from the previous post, my daughter in a photo I love. The journaling tag is a digital kit by Ali Edwards.

Since I am here, might as well post an old one. This is based in a sketch by Jana Eubank for Pencillines, the original layout has a circle which was attracted me to it in the first place, but I couldn't think of a easy way to cut a perfect "hollowed out" circle so I took the lazy option and discarded it.