Monday, 29 August 2011

Trying new food

While I haven't been completely idle as far as idle as craft is concerned, I haven't taken any photos of what I have managed so far. So I'll change the subject. To food.

Sometime ago I set a goal to try to make a new dish every week.

Why? Because I had fallen into the routine of cooking the same dozen or so dishes that everybody at home liked. Specially after my number two turned out to be a very fussy eater. Or else, cooking something for my husband and I and popping chicken nuggets and chips in the oven for the kids.

I have kept the goal - with a little bit of cheating - but I can't remember exactly what I made and when I made, so my next project is to have a folder with the recipes printed so I can go back to the ones that were sucessful.

The recipes I found in the internet I saved in Pinterest so I can list here, click on the link for a comment and a link the original post/recipe:

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Back from holidays

We had a great time in Brazil, we spent two weeks with my family and I managed squeeze a visit to a beautiful baby girl who was recently adopted by friends of ours. I haven't created much since we arrived on Saturday but I am going to share a couple of layouts I finished a while ago but haven't posted yet.

I had an idea of creating a background with the numbers stamps; it didn't quite work as I had envisaged, I might try it again.  I found a use for my Promarkers - to make borders around my layout. With a ruler and the thicker end of the markers it can be done easily.

And this is the may 2011 layout; this was one layout which wasn't going to have a birder. Until I discovered that I had previous cut a strip of the patterned paper for something else.  I was inspired by something I saw in  Living Etc for this layout.
Something was missing so I dig the "remember this moment" stamp and stamped twice diagonally. Somehow it made the whole thing look better.

I was totally surprised and honoured when Nicole Mullen asked me if I wanted to be featured in the 3rd issue of Crafting Ireland.  Thank you!

Monday, 8 August 2011