Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Journaler's Junction

I am loving this challenge blog. Got to know it through Emily Pitts (check her blog, she's brilliant), a Studio Calico forum regular, now in SC DT.

For once I've finished a challenge before it expired. This week's is to write all the journaling in a single line. Mine's kinda short, though. :-)

This one is from a few weeks ago, I choose challenge #42: Journal a conversation.

I journaled 3 conversations between my daughter and her friends, and one between her and me.

My favourites are this one:

K: We do look a lot alike, don’t we? Except my hair is shorter.
And brown. Yours’ black. And our eyes are different, and the nose too.
L: And our skin is different...

and this one:

L&J: Do you have a boyfriend?
S: { whisper }
All: {giggles }
L: Is he from your school?
S: {inaudible }
J: Is he nice?
S: { inaudible }
All: {lots of giggles }

Stamp "book"

I am not good at stamping so I hardly ever buy them, but my collection is slowly increasing thanks to the scrapbooking kits I have been getting. Scarlet Lime always have at least one stamp in their main kit and so does Studio Calico.

I used to have them all in a box, but I am determined to use them more often so I wanted a better way to keep them.

I found some A6 plastic pockets in Easons this week which were ideal for them. Add to it cardboard, pretty paper scrap, a stamp, two book rings and a cropadile and voila, my new stamp book was done in minutes!

I had 3 tries before I could stamp a half decent frame. And it is still not very good!

Some stamps are inside the pockets, some are stuck to the outside of the pockets and some I punched directly on the stamp's acetate cover and made it into a page.

Skinny layout

Two firsts, my first scenery layout and also my first 12x6 one.

What I am going to do with it? Don't know. Maybe I'll make another few from our trip to Italy this summer and make it into a separate album. Or I'll just stick it in my 12x12 album.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Box card template

These are the instructions on how to make the box/card from my previous post.

To make the box you can either
(*) Print the template below on a A4 paper
(**) Use the measurements given to draw the template

If you follow the first option you will have a box slightly smaller than if you draw the box following the measurements. Otherwise the final results will be identical.

My box was plain on the inside and patterned on the outside. For the purpose of these instructions, I'll refer to the outside of the box as patterned side.

1 *) Print the template on the side of the paper which you want to be the inside of the box.
1 **) Draw the template on the side of the paper which you want to be the inside of the box.

2) Cut out the box - outside lines plus the two grey squares.

3) Score all the inside lines.

4) Decorate the base of the box, and the 2 transparencies.

5) Tape the transparencies onto the plain side of the middle layer and top layer. The transparency should be upside down in the middle layer.

6) Now we're going to put the two A sides together. Glue the patterned side of A2 to the plain side of A1. Notice that A1 is wider the A2 - align A2 with the base of the box.

7) Now the two C sides together. Glue the patterned side of C1 to the plain side of C2, aligning C2 with the base of the box.

8) That's the box done. Just fold the box cover over it. You can put a ribbon across the box to keep it closed. To keep the ribbon in place I glued it to the base of the box with double sized paper.

Here's the template:

Saturday, 4 October 2008

I've made card - or is it a box?

Since Sabrina sent me this card, I wanted to do something similar.

I could see that hers required precise measuring scoring and cutting. Something that I hate to do and am very bad at. So I was raking my brains for a version that required only one piece of paper instead of 3. Everytime I saw her card in my mantelpiece I thought - maybe if I did this, or maybe if I did that.

When I finally got the idea in my head, I made a template in the computer and it worked first time! OK, it is only a silly thing, Karen Burniston I am not, but still I was very pleased with myself.

This is the box, closed.

As the box opens there are two layers, each with a piece of acetate in the middle. I decorated the two layers and the base of the box with rubons.

It is possible to fold the box flat without destroying it. This surprised me, as it wasn't part of the design :-) So I could post it to Sabrina in a normal envelope.

This is the box before I finished to put all the rubons and before I glued the sides together. You're seeing the inside of the box.

I admit that my version also needs precise scoring, and maybe more thinking would make the box neater, but I am done with it. Back to scrapbooking.

I still have the template if anybody is interested.