Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Journaler's Junction

I am loving this challenge blog. Got to know it through Emily Pitts (check her blog, she's brilliant), a Studio Calico forum regular, now in SC DT.

For once I've finished a challenge before it expired. This week's is to write all the journaling in a single line. Mine's kinda short, though. :-)

This one is from a few weeks ago, I choose challenge #42: Journal a conversation.

I journaled 3 conversations between my daughter and her friends, and one between her and me.

My favourites are this one:

K: We do look a lot alike, don’t we? Except my hair is shorter.
And brown. Yours’ black. And our eyes are different, and the nose too.
L: And our skin is different...

and this one:

L&J: Do you have a boyfriend?
S: { whisper }
All: {giggles }
L: Is he from your school?
S: {inaudible }
J: Is he nice?
S: { inaudible }
All: {lots of giggles }


Emily Pitts said...

ok, that is so darn sweet :) i love that you could capture that between them. so cute!

Lynn said...

Spotted it over on SC:) Really great design and so eye catching. Think I'll have to check out that challenge site!

j said...

Sooo adoreable Eliza hun :):):)
Jump over i have tagged you :):):)

lisa dickinson said...

love, love your pages! i stalk at JJ, but i never seem to get my butt in gear to finish a page in time. but they are fab challenges, no?!?

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

love these LO's , very striking!

j said...

Just me again hun :):)
Is this the punch you were looking for,if it is i can get it & have it delivered to my hotel for you :):):)


Tigger's rambling said...

Awwww so cute. I love the photo's in both your lo's and might just steal that idea of scrapping a conversation :-)

sandidune said...

wow, just love everything about the last layout. It's perfect.
Think you have converted me to challenge sites Elisa!