Saturday, 17 March 2012

Yet more cards

I am still in a card mood; I made some for some upcoming birthdays and some to send to Barbara, who in turn sells them for charity.

I am still doing the photo a day project but not uploading my photo every day as I used to do at the beginning.

Friday, 9 March 2012

My backlog

You'd think that finishing a layout a month is not that hard - but I am behind with my project 12 (monthly compilation). I  had a couple of gaps in 2011 and I closed one of them - August 2011.

I cut the map and title cum journaling with the Silhouette Cameo. Just before it went on strike. Now the Silhouette aint cutting anything right. Sigh. I love this thing but sure he doesn't love me back. I have ordered a new blade, hopefully this will sort things out.

Have you noticed the little stick-on tabs? Like the red one below?

They're digital and printed with the photos; cutest thing in the world, and it doesn't give me grief like the Silhouette...

Click on the image to get to the shop, if you are interested:

And this a layout about my son's letter to Santa. The border is from a summer collection, showing watermelons - the colours were perfect for a Christmas themed layout.

I still have to print a copy of the letter to put under the "Dear Santa" flap.

Lately I am in a card mood, I have been making lots of them, my record was last Saturday - I finished 9 thank you cards for a friend. I was getting ready to make cards for Daffodil day, but when she phoned to ask for cards. She wanted to pay but I asked her to give some money to charity instead so it's all good.

Here some that I made lately.

Both were inspired by the Case Study Challenge Blog. I never finish and take a photo in time for the deadline but it helps to get me started.

On a sad note, I am closing my Mami Doodles digital images shop - thanks to everybody that supported it.