Saturday, 29 January 2011

Break for cards

Even though I still have a 2010 layout to share, I thought I'd post some cards for a chanhe. I went through my paper scraps and made 4 mini-kits out of them. I figure I'd be able to get one or two cards using each kit

As I started, I'd worked out a few "rules" for the cards:

1. Try to use mostly the papers in the pack.
2. You can look for more papers if needed, but it has to be from the scrap box.
3. You're allowed to use embellishments, stamps, punches from your stash.
4. Continue until you finish everything from the kit.

Can you believe I got 7 cards out of it?! Ok, they're not brilliant - I am no stamper, I am lazy about colouring and my cards won't get any prizes, but still...

I digitally coloured one of my images then added a bit of stickles on the bubbles.

Another one using the same coloured image:

One of my favourites.

I wanted to make at least one girlie card, so I added the red cardstock and the flowers.

Something a little different:

That's 6 cards, the last one need the final touches...

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Christmas and Project 12

We were all disappointed that we wouldn't be able to get to Rio for Christmas. So were my parents and brother who were waiting for us. My daughter was probably the one that took the news the hardest. But Christmas at home wasn't bad after all and we got to Rio eventually.

Project 12 - still in Agust 2010... Sigh...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Clearing the backlog

I still have some 2010 layouts to share, here's one:

*Cardstock: Bazzill
*Patterned Paper: Studio Calico (stripes), Jenni Bowlin (cream), Crate Paper (other)
*Flower brad: Making Memories
*Mist: Studio Calico
*Font: Underwood Champion
*Letter stickers: Making Memories

The design is from a challenge in the Studio Calico blog, set by Kimberly Neddo. Basically what you had to do was to make a sketch based on a SC ad, and use it to make a scrapbook page.

When I went scouring for these ads, I found two that came out at the same time and looked good together:

My two children are great friends with M's 3 children. The middle child, a girl, has decided unilaterally that she's my son's girlfriend. Although she's year younger than him, she's taller and stronger and whenever she wants to, she lifts my son and give him a peck in the cheek. Which annoys him no end. :-)

One day she, my son, and her younger brother were watching TV on her house and my son was growing a bit unconfortable with all the displays of affection from the two. My friend thought it was hilarious and took some photos on her phone. She was kind enough to send the photos to me, I had to scrap them.

Monday, 10 January 2011


When my daughter came along, I used to read these child-development books, and was happy that she was reaching all the milestones. Actually, she was reaching them way before it was expected. When my son came along, I'd grown tired of checking, telling myself that as long as he was developing, on his own pace, it was OK. But I couldn't help noticing the difference. Like no interest in Lego, toys or games. Unless it involved electronics. Anything with buttons, he loved.  Or TV. If I let him choose, he'd rather watch TV than go to the playground. Seriously!

(I don't mean I thought he had developmental problem or other serious issues.)

He started school last September, and I remember joking with my husband that we should start a petition to add "nintendo playing" as a subject in school as it was the only think he'd be interested in doing that involved manual dexterity.

I knew he would be good at reading, but besides that, I was bit worried.

I shouldn't have. He surprised me big time.

*Patterned Paper: Making Memories (stripes), Basic Grey (all other)
*Stamps: Studio Calico
*Butterfly: Making Memories
*Font: Calibri Regular
*Punch: Woodware
*Ink: Colorbox  
* Embossing Powder: Stampendous


Surprised? Me?

Surprised that you now diligently write your  A,B,Cs?

That you walk to school asking me "Does 8 and 2 makes 10?  And 4 plus 4 is 8?" That you  walk back from school asking me if I knew about caterpillars and butterflies?

That you left a voice mail to Daddy reciting all the months of the year?

If I tell you that you never had any interest in Lego nor building blocks. That you took forever to learn how to play Snap. That you refused to draw or write in preschool. If I tell you that you took so long to learn your colours that I was convinced that you were colour blind, you'd understand. I am surprised. Pleasantly so. Over the moon so.

PS: I always knew you had brains. What I was afraid was that you'd be too laid back to use them.

That was back in October. He's reading now...