Thursday, 16 October 2008

Stamp "book"

I am not good at stamping so I hardly ever buy them, but my collection is slowly increasing thanks to the scrapbooking kits I have been getting. Scarlet Lime always have at least one stamp in their main kit and so does Studio Calico.

I used to have them all in a box, but I am determined to use them more often so I wanted a better way to keep them.

I found some A6 plastic pockets in Easons this week which were ideal for them. Add to it cardboard, pretty paper scrap, a stamp, two book rings and a cropadile and voila, my new stamp book was done in minutes!

I had 3 tries before I could stamp a half decent frame. And it is still not very good!

Some stamps are inside the pockets, some are stuck to the outside of the pockets and some I punched directly on the stamp's acetate cover and made it into a page.