Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Spelling, card inspiration and a couple of layouts

I am always shocked to see how many spelling mistakes I make while writing here. Apart from the ones I am unaware of, since I don't use a spell checker, there are the ones that I do due to lack of attention, such as thing instead of think and soon on. I reread my last post and I wrote quick instead of kick. Arghhhhhh!!!

Anyway, today I got a lovely surprise in the post. I am not a cardmaker, but everytime I get a card from Sabrina, I get this urge to make a card just like hers. Today it was no exception, I loved the card. The rub-ons on the transparencies are so lovely and the BG papers are so yummy I can't resist.

Sabrina, I am going to have a go, watch this space! {She's used to it already, whenever she sends me a card, she receives back a cheap imitation from me eventually. :-) }

This is another layout from the SC weekend scrap. I only have a photo of my 4th grade teacher, so I made a point to ask Lucy's teacher to pose with my daughter, before she finished Senior Infants. She was also her Junior Infant's teacher.

I don't know if she'd like to be online so I masked here face here.

This is the layout I made in Julie's crop last month but forgot to post. Since I took the photo I put a black outline around it, but it is still lacking something...


Cook22 said...

I love those bright red butterflies on the blue, such vivid bright colours make it pop off the page.
You shouldn't undersell your card-making talents, I still have two of yours up that survive the occasional purge when I dust the piano.
And thanks for taking a photo that didn't show the sides :-) - I love the 6" Basic Grey pads but they have their limitations when it comes to covering the front of a diorama card. I have rethought that for the next time I make one.

sandidune said...

Oh, what an LO to treasure Elisa.
Any teacher would be so chuffed with that. It's perfect.
As for the LO that might need something....I can't see what it needs. The balance is perfect.

eva birdthistle said...

Great to see your LO's again Elisa, I love the one with the butterflies, its devine, i don't think its missing anything either :)