Sunday, 16 September 2007

Calibrating your monitor

One of the things that bugs me is that sometimes my photo looks perfect in the computer but when I print it it looks much darker that I expected.

Brendan, from work, seemed to know a lot about printers so I asked him about it. He very kindly showed me some of his photos and explained what I could do to get better photos prints. I should have taken a notebook with me, as I forgot lots of what he said but two things stuck in my mind. Calibrate your monitor and calibrate your printer.

The second one I am still getting around to do it, but the first step was surprisingly easy and if you have Adobe Photoshop, or Elements like I do, it should be easy for you too. With PS/PSE, comes a software called Adobe Gamma, which helps your to calibrate your monitor manualy. Auccording to the Adobe website, it doesn't work with LCD screens, like mine's, but I was happy with what I got. Try and you will see it.

You should be able to find Adobe Gamma in your Control Panel, but somehow it wasn't installed in my laptop so I got the PSE installation CD, browsed it and found it in the goodies directory.

Went googling for it, and found another scrap blog that talks about Adobe Gamma.

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Neasa said...

You lost me at "callibrating"....(and I used to do that to big huge machines in my last job, the one before the Mom job....)I have a vague recollection of what it means. No idea how to do it to my computer though!