Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Scrapwest Cybercrop

The very talented girls in Scrapwest hosted a cybercrop last Sunday to celebrate its first birthday.

I loved Annamarie's class, it is kinda hybrid as I printed the photos with the aged frames for PSE and the crochet flower is a digital element:

Lucy was sick and off school. When I suggested that she did some "arts&crafts" while I tried to finish my layout she replied that she want to do "adult's arts & crafts", like what I was doing. So I gave her a photo of Annemarie's layout and off she went. Here's my daughter's take:

Dialog after we finished:

Lucy: I like yours better.
Me: How come? I really like both.
Lucy: Yours is all together and mine is all over the place...

I think she's got an amazing way to put words together for a five-year-old!


gertie (aka aine) said...

wow, fantastic work!!
looks like she is taking after her wonderfully talented mum!!

HandcraftedbyRuthie said...

Beautiful LOs - well done lUcy. Your's is SUPER!

Neasa said...

Wow, Lucy really has the hang of it!! Well done Lucy. (I like yours better!!!)

Audrey said...

Your Lo is cool! But wow on Lucys one, and such a critic to boot!!! ;-)

Great work Lucy ;-)

Lainey said...

Love your butterfly LO Elisa but I'm blown away with Lucy's - she will be coming to the crops soon!