Sunday, 27 July 2008

Holidays and photography

Arghh! No post for 3 weeks, not a single scrapbook page for even longer. I have been having a dry time, not much inspiration lately, but since the crop at Julie's I have finished 2 layouts (Thanks Julie!), but haven't taken photos of them yet.

The kids and I went on holidays with a friend and her two boys, leaving our poor husbands at home in Ireland. We had the most wonderful time (and weather) and I took tons of photos. I didn't bring a laptop, nor any scrapbooking material, but brought my two cameras, the point&shoot and the DSLR.

For most of the week, I used the smaller camera, or the DSLR with the kit lens, but on the last day, I used my second lens, which I have a love/hate relationship with. It means that I have to use the manual mode (yes,it says AF, but doesn't work with my Nikon D40X :-( ), so for a rookie like me, it is another thing I have to worry about. But when I get all the settings right the results are great.

I managed to get my friend, her eldest son, and my daughter under the shade for long enough to take a coupla photos. My best photo is the one of her son, I got the focus, and the exposure right, but I must have forgotten to reajust the settings before before taking a photo of my daughter who was in a slightly darker area. But hey, she's cute and photogenic and makes up for her mama poor photos skils.

This is my husband's favourite and I love it too:

And one of my favourites of my son, taken by my friend:


Dianne said...

Elisa, what beautiful children you have!! They look so happy and the obvious sunshine looks lovely too!
Nothing wrong with your photo skills from what I can see ??

Kiki said...

Looks like you all had a great time!! Cant wait to see the LO's !

Lynn said...

Lucky you on hols! Hope your dry spell is over.

SandieShores said...

Woo Hoo for hols!!! Looking forward to pictures :)