Monday, 1 September 2008

Labels or how long it takes to complete a simple project

When I was about to cover my daughter's school books, I thought it would be nice to make personalised tags. I'd get her to write her name, scan it and make some labels. Easy, yes? Well, you tell me:

a. DD wrote her name & class and drew some pictures.
b. I scanned the drawings.
c. DH had some Avery sticker labels sheets, so I resized the scanned images to fit it.
d. Downloaded sitcker label template in Word from the Avery site.
e. Also added background to make a bit more colourful.
{so far so good, then things started to go wrong }
f. Printed a test page, the background was too dark, making it difficult read. Fixed it
g. Now the handwriting looked too thin, difficult to read again. Fixed it.
h. Moved to DH's computer, because I don't have Word in my laptop
i. Printed the labels in the sticker sheet. Template didn't match labels - my prints went over the edges of each individual sticker - ARGHHHH!!!!!
j. Tried to fix the Word template. No luck.
k. Remembered that I had a Xyron sticker maker, so decided to print labels in plain paper, cut it out and make stickers myself.
l. When I tried to stick the label on the books, I realised that while they looked OK in the plain notebooks, the small labels "disappeared" against colourful cover of the books.
m. Resized the labels and printed them, cut them out and made stickers out of them.

Give me a complicated project any time! :-)

BTW, after I stuck the stickers and covered the books, I realised that I forgot to erase the scribbled over bit between the "maths".

{note: I erased her surname in the labels }


Kiki said...

Hey, what a lovely idea !! so original !! well done Lucy !! (and Mum):D

eva birdthistle said...

Wow, this is an amazing project, so bright, so clever but one I bet you won't be repeating! Hahaha!

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

Oh elisa, the things us mothers start doing!! They do look fantastic though, bet luch was so happy with them!

Lainey said...

Adorable project Elisa - definitely one to keep for a scrapbook LO!