Saturday, 29 November 2008

Layout flush

Sometimes it is good to "flush" all my layouts in my blog, so I can get my inspiration back and finish a few that are in the pipeline.

This is probably my busiest layout ever, I probably never used so many different items in a single LO, I even use the tickets from the show as an embelishment. The dark paper is one I got in a kit and thought I'd never used it but it turned out to be perfect for the photo. You never know.

Another about my daughter. Went back to simple again. :-)

Now one for my son.

I overheard when my daugher was trying the roller skate. She can skate more or less, but was making a bit of a drama, saying Heeeelp and then my son went to her and said:

"Are you OK, Lucy?"
"Can you manage?"
"Here, hold my hand."

Isn't he the sweetest kid?


eva birdthistle said...

Awwwwwww, that last LO is so sweet, what a lickle gentleman he is!!!

Lynn said...

love the busy and simple ... all lovely

Kristii said...

Beautiful work!! I love checking out your blog!!! It is so inspiring!

Lainey said...

Hard to pick a favourite Elisa - but I love the photo and colours esp on Layout no 2.