Sunday, 14 December 2008

Christmas Storybook and Lainey's crop: some tasters

In her first year in school, my daughter (and every child in her class) got from her teacher a custom-made Christmas storybook.

She loved it, we had to read it several times, and every year since then, the book is found mid-November to be read again.

Helpfully, the book had a website printed on it, and this year I went to investigate and you can print up to 3 different stories.Which left 2 stories, one for my daughter and another one for my son.

Ms M, having to make around 30 books, took the faster option and stapled the books together, but as I had only 2 to make, tried to make a properly bound book. I'm happy with the results, and I'll do a tutorial sometime, but for the time being, here's the link to to, the customised books can be found here.

In the cover, I attached a small photo of my child plus the title of the book. Here's my son's:

Oh, yes, the books are for free. :-)

Today there was a all-day class & crop, promoted by Lainey and Annamarie. I finished 6 Christmas ATCs which I am going to send to the CS forum girls who send me beautiful handmade cards. I don't much make cards, so this was something I could do, which is slightly better than a shop bought card.

I haven't taken photos of them yet, but I can show to the back of it, which I just finished designing PSE.


Helsbells said...

Thanks for sharing that link - I've just had a play and it looks good :)

Audrey said...

awwwww the book looks really fun, and I'm going to have to get you to teach me some Photoshop. Sorry I didn't get a chance to chat much Saturday - I was on a high ;-)

JACKIE M said...

Love the little book Elisa. I have left you an award over on my blog =0)

vtpuggirl said...

So so cute. What a clever teacher, making the books for free. I love examples of genius like that.