Wednesday, 28 January 2009

So Laid Back

Maybe calling him laid back is not fitting as he's been having temper tantrums lately. But even them are a proof of how laid back he is, as most kids have them at the age of 2 (terrible twos and all), and he's waited until he was 3 and a bit ...

But he's the sort of guy that, if anything goes wrong, will always say: "I'll do it right tomorrow!"

My layouts are all straight lines and right angles so I decided to add some curves this time. Not too unhappy with it, but for my next experiment I'll try to use papers I like less. This was my favourite paper from my Studio Calico kit I can't help thinking I could have done better with it.

The butterfly was sent by my CS Santa, Jeanjeany.


Dianne said...

I love the LO Elisa!! the little butterfly in the corner is a great touch.

vtpuggirl said...

I like it very much, I think it was worth using up the paper! No worries! I love it.