Thursday, 30 July 2009

Multiphoto and PaperPlay

When I was on holidays early this month, I got this idea of using photos with big white border held by oversized brads. When I finally got to make a layout based on the idea, my Studio Calico kit arrived, with a very colourful Scenic Route paper & I knew I had to use it straight away or never!

The bold brads get a bit lost against the paper, but I still like the effect against the white background. (Sorry for the dark photo.)

Besides the advantage of being able to see the important events of a month at a glance, I find refreshing to make multiphoto layouts, as my usual ones are mostly single photo ones.

* Patterned paper: Garden Grove - Scenic Route
* Fonts: GH Halda Normal and Adobe Caslon Pro (title), Jellyka, St-Andrew's Queen
* Brads: unknown

Here's my PaperPlay Challenge entry, Kate set the challenge:

Dimension" Make your project as 3D as possible!

I bought some small canvases @ Tesco's with the idea of having a little artsy afternoon with my daughter and her friends. This is a prototype a project I'll planning to give them. I'll give them a big letter with their initial and take a photo of each one and let them loose with paint and brushes.

Good idea? Or a dangerous idea? I am having visions of having the kitchen full of paint spashes on the floor and walls...


Cook22 said...

I don't think the brads get lost - they make me think of giant thumbtacks on a notice board.
I love that L with Luke. I think it would be a great activity with the girls, it's just the fact that it's (presumably) acrylic paints that would make me think they should all have short-sleeved t-shirts and plastic aprons. Or old shirts of their dads...something to protect sleeves and clothes. I'd still go for it.

minerva said...

I like the brads - like cook said reminds me of notes on cork boards. And I love the paper.
The canvas idea is great, I have a stack that have never seen paint yet and I like the layers.