Sunday, 7 March 2010


I've been meaning to use make little flags in a layout for ages. Before the banner-crazy started to take over the scrapbooking world. Probably since my daughter's 7th birthday. I am not claiming I was ahead of the trend, it is more that we used to make these flags for the "Festas Juninas" in Brazil. Festas Juninas are held in June - hence the name - in honour of Saints John, Peter and Antony.


There was an Italian Brazilian painter, Alfredo Volpi, that specialized in painting them. He did paint other things, but stop any man or woman in the streets of Brazil and ask what Volpi painted and s/he'd say: "Bandeirinhas".

Here's my take, photo taken on my sweet girl's 8th birthday:
The orange in the background is waaay to bright but I can live with that, I am not going to redo it. :-)


Cook22 said...

They make a lovely layout, those little flags. I like the two pictures two, the little drawing and the painting. The painting would translate into a lovely tapestry or knitting.

minerva said...

eek I adore these little flags. amazingly cute.

Sabriel said...

I LOVE that layout, its really gorgeous - did you spray the orange on yourself?

Deirdre said...

Elisa, I love it... great LO with stunning photos.