Tuesday, 31 August 2010


The whole title should be Stop It! It is about my son's somewhat "destructive" tendencies.  Not done in malice, more like an irresistible impulse to poke, pull and push anything that is pokable, pullable or pushable if you get my meaning.

To be honest, his latest destruction - our TV -  is not typical, it was an  accident while playing the Wii, but coming after some other damages, like this laptop of mine that is missing the "esc" key, made me list some of his latest damages.

*Patterned Paper: Studio Calico (green) American Crafts(orange)
*Chipboard letters: Basic Grey
*Punch: Fiskars
*Font: Franklin Gothic Book
*Other: Buttons

Of course, the photo has nothing to do with it. I am usually somewhere when these things happen.  I need to install a cctv at home...


Dulce Silva said...

Hello, I love the story, so nice thing to scrap about... And the layout, you make something simple looks so amazing. Adoro seu estilo!

Cook22 said...

Fabulous colours and design.
Poor L, I bet he felt bad about the TV. I used to be on the clumsy side and I know I always felt bad when I broke or damaged things.

minerva said...

love the scallopy layers and the story.

Kiki said...

Hehehehe....kids are little detroyers by nature...I once found DD2 in the middle of pulling all the keys from my laptop !!! she was half way through !!