Friday, 19 November 2010

From Celtic Tiger to Celtic Meltdown

How did it happen?
Sorry for the OT title, but I can't help wondering.

Anyway, here's a suggestion of what to do in lean times.

My daughter got this blouse in Penneys.

It was marked €3, but at the cash desk we found out it had been reduced to €1.

I asked if she'd like if I added a few crochet flowers around the neckline. She said yes.

I'll try to take a photo of her with the blouse, it goes really well with her colouring.

Nice weekend!


JACKIE M said...

Elisa that is beautiful,it is amazing how you can transform clothes with accessories and make them one of a kind, and what a bargain :)

Cook22 said...

That's beautiful, Elisa. It's always nice when a bargain turns out to be even more of a bargain - and when you can have it ending up looking like this nobody would ever imagine!

Sabriel said...

that's beautiful!!

Claire's cards said...

Beautiful Elisa, looks very designer now and at a real bargain price. I had the same happen last week, socks went down from 5 euro a pair to 2, a nice surprise. I don't think I'll be putting flowers on them.