Wednesday, 13 April 2011

February summary and my funny guy

February summary, I made the whole layout on white cardstock with green mist. Didn't like it at all, stared at it for ages, replaced the white with kraft and it look much better. Still, something was missing, so I made a border with a white pen.  I think I am now hooked with white borders.

The semi-transparent, long strips are from a washi tape. 3 postcards and a few washi tapes - that was all my purchases in Thailand. Very useful for an indecisive scrapper like me, because they stay where you put them but at the same time, they peel off without causing any damage.

And here's where the original background went:

“Luke, this is a wishing stone. If you put your hands on it,  close your eyes and
make a wish, your wish will come true.”
“That’s what it says here, do you want to have a go?”
He puts both hands on the stone, closes his eyes and makes a wish.
“Done! Can you buy me a toy now?”
“Oh, nooo! It didn’t work!”


Cook22 said...

I like the look of kraft, especially with white accents.
Poor Luke, his wish not coming true :D.

Trinh said...

I just found your blog, Elisa! Love your first LO - the pops of color against the kraft. And the misted background on the 2nd one is so cool. I haven't tried washi tape or misting yet; I know, I'm so behind the curve!