Monday, 23 April 2012

Decorating Hair Pins

Lately I have been trying to use my scrapbooking stash to creative ways. Like leftovers tiny stickers are a fun way to close envelopes. Washi tape is great wherever you need to stick things temporarily since is very low tack. Think sticking things on the wall, fix patterned paper into A4 paper to feed into the print.

This is a long introduction to show something I came up. Decorated hair pins for my daughter. She loves this sort of thing but gets tired of them quickly, so there's no point in making anything time consuming.

I'll put a little tutorial as soon as I find the glue I used; I am like that, keep on misplacing stuff in my craft room.

Have a nice week!


Sabrina said...

Those are just sweet - what girl wouldn't love them. My problem was always losing them, not losing interest ;-). She's looking so grown-up now!!

GrĂ¡ O'Neill said...

These are gorgeous, would love to see the tutorial :)