Tuesday, 3 June 2008

PSE experiments

Everytime I went to Tesco's, I saw a big poster featuring Cristiano Ronaldo (footballer - Portuguese squad & ManU) advertising Portuguese golf courses. His photo had an interesting effect, his face merged with some landscape photography and last week I thought - I can do it too.

This is my attempt with two photos of my kids playing in the beach.

After I finished, I went looking for the original photo in the web and found it here, you will have to download the PDF to see Cristiano, but you can have an idea looking at the cover. That's when I discovered that the photos are much more sophisticated than mine, blending texture and the black&white photo. I might have another go later but I am happy with the results I've got. I'll try to print it and if it looks good, I'll frame them.

The pattern in the photo is a from a texture gallery, this one taken by Andronicus Riyono.

It is really easy to do, I'll write a step-by-step another day, gotta go to bed now. Night night.


Close To Home said...

Now THAT is pretty cool! You did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is really cool! Do share the instructions, please!

Denise said...

WOW...Elisa, that is completely amazing. I am in awe. Please teach me!

Evonne said...

Oh WOW Elisa - that is just amazing!

Kiki said...

Excellent !!I finally have PSE,I havent even opened it...but I will be asking you a lot !! LOL ! x