Tuesday, 16 June 2009

ATCs for Alisa

Alisa Henry, a.k.a. lagsforlisa in the Studio Calico forum, died unexpectedly last month.

As a tribute to her, Emily Pitts suggested that we each choose a post by Alisa and made into ATCs to be given to her family.

I chose this one:

Posted: Wed, Jun 11 2008 at 11:35PM on True Life Stories > It's so late

Oh, alex, I do that, too sometimes. I break out the old quilts made by my great grandma and we bring out all the pillows (my kids think it is uber-cool to use the euro squares off my bed) and we watch Harry Potter and eat popcorn and M&M’s while lounging on the floor.


Since it mentioned quilts, I decided to make little paper quilts in my ATCs. I am happy with them, even if they are a bit wonky - cutting 1/2 inch squares aint easy for the likes of me.


minerva said...

they are so lovely and what a great idea.

vtpuggirl said...

These are so beautiful! I'm really struggling to finish mine. I can't find the quote that speaks to me, and it's upsetting me to look through all her old posts. I don't know if I will finish it now. :(