Wednesday, 16 September 2009

School Trouble

My son started a new Montessori school this September. He's loving it but he's got an active imagination. I assume this previous teacher and classmates were used to it, but he's confusing his new coleagues. Like the day he said his house went on fire and he had to ring 999. Sigh...

I forgot to put the date and the last sentence is not right, I'll have to reprint it.

*Patterned Paper: Basic Grey
*Letter stickers: Sassafras
* Font: Times New Roman

Sometimes I just stick photos and papers in a piece of paper, but usually I sketch my layouts computer, sometimes the real one ends up pretty different from the plan, but sometimes it is almost a carbon copy.
I like how the title turned out.


minerva said...

the final LO has much more impact than the sketch - I had look twice to see if it was the same. The photos "pop" so much more. Title is cool.

Evonne said...

The plan looks great, but the final one is fab! LOL @ Luke and his tall stories at school! Kids are so funny