Sunday, 4 October 2009

Too much sleep, not enough craft

A good night sleep might be good news for most, but for me feeling sleepy greatly impairs my crafting. I only get to do something when the kids are in bed and I get the last day chores dones. And my emails/forums checked, of course.

This week I only made 3 cards, and 2.5 layouts. And not even one of the weekly tasks I assigned mysef only last week. Ah... well...

One of the layouts was a digital one. Usually I end up working a way to print it and add some papers and embellishments, I can't figure out a good way to do this one, so it will remain only digi. I might clean it up and have it printed sometimes.

* Fonts: Impact, GF Halda Normal
* Brushes: Design Fruit

It says:
"She loves the camera and the camera loves her."

I used PSP, I am not sure it there's a way to do hollow letters in PSE.


Kate said...

Oh Elisa I love that LO so cute and you have a great model! The camera definitely loves her alright!
I have yet to try my hand at digital scrapbooking!
Is PSP Paint Shop Pro if so then that's what I have!

maryc said...

very cute. I will try my hand at digi properly one day (when the girls leave home!lol)

Anonymous said...

Love the layout, you should def print it! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I didn't notice the halo thing- cool!!