Sunday, 4 October 2009

Too much sleep, not enough craft

A good night sleep might be good news for most, but for me feeling sleepy greatly impairs my crafting. I only get to do something when the kids are in bed and I get the last day chores dones. And my emails/forums checked, of course.

This week I only made 3 cards, and 2.5 layouts. And not even one of the weekly tasks I assigned mysef only last week. Ah... well...

One of the layouts was a digital one. Usually I end up working a way to print it and add some papers and embellishments, I can't figure out a good way to do this one, so it will remain only digi. I might clean it up and have it printed sometimes.

* Fonts: Impact, GF Halda Normal
* Brushes: Design Fruit

It says:
"She loves the camera and the camera loves her."

I used PSP, I am not sure it there's a way to do hollow letters in PSE.


Kate said...

Oh Elisa I love that LO so cute and you have a great model! The camera definitely loves her alright!
I have yet to try my hand at digital scrapbooking!
Is PSP Paint Shop Pro if so then that's what I have!

maryc said...

very cute. I will try my hand at digi properly one day (when the girls leave home!lol)

Heather Prins said...

Love the layout, you should def print it! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I didn't notice the halo thing- cool!!