Sunday, 17 January 2010

Ice and Snow

It hardly snows in Ireland, specially where we live, in Dublin, near the coast.

But this year we have unexpectedly had a much cold weather, with lots of frost and two days of snow. Kids had lots of fun. Pity Santa couldn't predict it, he should have brought tobogans instead of scooters and roller blades. But no worries, a couple of cardboard boxes flattened out and a laundry basket with a rope is everything they needed to have fun.

I hope to to scrap the photos soon, in the meantime, these are two are my favourite non-kid photos. One morning whatever chore I had planned to do couldn't be done, so I took my camera and went to St Anne's Park to take some photos.

Lesson number one, trying to get the white balance right is hard when there's lots of snow. The original photo turned out too blue so I played with the curves in PSE for a sorta-vintagey effect. I took a couple of photos in RAW but I still have to learn how to use the raw converted in PSE...

I am not sure why I like this photo, it somehow looks very "foreign" to me, it is definitely not a typical Dublin scene.

Because I can't resist putting at least one photo with children. My favourite of the 100's photos in the first days of January.


Cook22 said...

That's a really dreamy looking one of L, lovely. And I love the second snow one - the angle you took it from, the composition and just the scene you captured. I think I was using at least a whole stop over-exposed, and sometimes 1.3 to get the lighting right. I have an Olympus RAW editor, but usually use the GIMP plug-in one - it certainly helps to have the option.

Dianne said...

Lovely pics Elisa.