Friday, 5 February 2010

Making Justice to my blog name

I've wondered if I did a mistake when choosing my blog's name. Alien I am, not an extra terrestrial you understand, but a person living in a foreign land. Hybrid, in scrapbooking terms, means someone that mixes digital and paper techniques, and for a while, all what I did in digital terms was behind the scenes, like the working out my designs in the computer and then translating into paper.

But lately I have been putting the digital more to the foreground of my pages. Though I only get a feeling of being finished when I see a paper version of my layouts.

For this I used two of my favourite digi designers, Shimelle Laine and Karla Dudley.

* Template: One Week Page Template by Shimelle Laine @ Two Peas
* Digi Label: Write it Down Aged Labels by Shimelle Laine @ Two Peas
* Digital Paper: Sobe by Karla Dudley Designs @ Digichick
* Rub-on: My Mind's Eye
* Letter Stickers: Jenni Bowlin Studio
* Font: VT Portable Remington

What is it about? The journaling says it all:

"One day, when you’re older, you might
look at your albums. Maybe you’ll
compare your albums with your sister’s.
Maybe there will be a little bit more
pages in her albums
than in yours. Maybe
you will wonder why.
So, for the record,


Cook22 said...

Typical boy photos, aren't they! I know one dad who said one of his wishes for 2010 was fewer tongues sticking out in his photos of his kids.
I like the paper, too - makes me think Easter, in an understated way, with all those ovals.

Deirdre said...

Stunning Elisa, love it.

CoCo Crafts said...

Especially love the journalling and the LO is fab. BTW yes, this is CoCo from CS.