Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Still stuck in 2009 and Martha Stewart

With so many ideas and so little time, often my scrapbooking plans don't last long. One rare exception is Project 12. Conceived by Davinie Fiero, the idea is to make, for every month, a scrapbook page which is a summary of that month.

She started it last year and is continuining this year, together with Scrapbook and Cards Today. I'll definitely keep this project, as it is a great way follow the changes and main events of the family without having to scour pages and pages of photo albums or scrapbook pages.

The only problem is, I am still stuck in 2009. I started with Dec/2008 and have all the subsequent months till Dec/2009 with one exception - Nov/2009 is still not finished. Gotta finish it this week  and then try to get Jan/2010 done. It is the kind of thing that works better when the memories are still fresh.

Since I am going to have a special album for Project 12, I created an opening page.

*Patterned Paper: Fortitude by Create Paper, scraps
*Number Stamps: Storytime by Studio Calico
*Rafia: Woodies DIY

That takes the first part of the title.

The following bit is about Martha Stewart, or rather, stuff that I saw in her magazine.

My daughter wanted to make a cake for the cake sale in school. Last year I made a simple cake but after seeing the amazing stuff that the more talented moms made she wanted something more showy. Problem is, I can craft, I can't bake. Then I remembered about some sort-of gingerbread house ( using biscuits instead) in a MS Living magazine. I retrieved the magazine, went to the local supermarker I bought some crispbread, ready-to-mix royal icing, chocolate buttons and other sweets and with her help we made this:

The thingie in front is supposed to be a tree :-) It is a fun project for a kid, I put the structure together and she decorated it herself. The thing is edible in theory, if you like crispbread with icing. I made another one for my son to bring to his Montessori school, the teacher said they eat all the sweets, and then licked the icing off the crispbread, he he he!
I didn't show my daughter the original houses in the magazine to avoid high expectations, but you can see it here and here.

Just by chance we ended up in Eason's last weekend and I grabbed the latest MS Living mag, and I am so glad that I did, there's an article about Darcy Miller who works for the magazine and had her first gallery exhibition. She is a scrapbooker with a twist, you gotta see them to understand.

I'm definitely going to copy this idea:

I love when she matches a photo with the real life item, like here:
 I love making scrapboxes, she is a really talented and inspiring artist.


minerva said...

scrapboxes-love them. not a scrap for the future kinda girl but these I can do or rather will do soon....
and the house is great, dd would love to do one - she loves to bake but only to eat the raw ingredients, never the finished cake.

Cook22 said...

I would think that even if L had seen the photos, she'd still have been happy with the house you and she turned out. Crisp-breads with icing - yuck!! But then, I've made gingerbread houses and seen that not all the gingerbread gets eaten once all the goodies are gobbled up. There's a wonderful photo of one with green candied-popcorn trees in an old US magazine I have, and my candied popcorn trees just never looked the same :D.

*reyanna klein* said...

Your opening page is SO cute! Love that banner! Actually looks REALLY cool with those contrasting colors/patterns. Love that!

And thank you so much for sharing Darcy's website with us! I looked at ALL her images last night, and they were just so cool and inspiring! Thank you! :)