Sunday, 16 May 2010

Photos, Primas and a Layout

Yesterday was my daughter's First Communion - it was a beautiful ceremony and my daughter was beautiful - I took hundreds of bad photos and a few that made me happy. One of my favourites is already printed for the cover of the thank you cards. And I handed the camera to my friends so I am not the invisible mum - I was there and I can prove it!

Today, after mass, I dragged my daughter to a couple of spots where I thought I could take some more pics, I wanted her sitting in a field of daisies. Looking at them now, I realised I should have taken a few steps back to have more of the daisies in the photos.

 She wasn't wearing a veil on the day, but she wanted one today.

This is a silly one, but I like it.

When it came to decorating the house for the party, of course I left it to late and there weren't any themed decoration for sale anymore. So I had to improvise.

I bought some cute banners in Carraig Donn:

Some oversized Prima flowers,  spotty candle from Meadows & Byrne, pink sweets covered in icing from Tesco's. The sprinkles are some Barbie sprinkles - not very nice to eat but really pretty.

I got some balloons from Woodies, plain ones, as the 1st communion ones were sold out, of course!

I've ordered part of the food, cooked part, my sister and law made her fabulous curried coleslaw, and my dear friend and my daughter's godmother made some absolutely yummy desserts. The wonkly looking ones were made by me, and the professional looking (and tasting) ones are her work.


Sabriel said...

I love the photos, and the decorations, your daughter looks beautiful and very happy, what lovely memories you will have :)

Deirdre said...

Oh Elisa, your daughter just looks beautiful. Sounds like you had a great day. Your decorations look amazing... way nicer than communion balloons.... has a really vintage cath kidson type look... .STUNNING. Love your descriptions of the baking... so fun! Hope you had a wonderful day. Blessings to you and your little one.

Claire's cards said...

Beautiful pictures of your little girl, I love the picture where she is laughing as well, she looks so happy.
Your decrations are so much more original than shop ones, well done and I'm sure the "wonky" food tasted fantastic.