Saturday, 15 May 2010

She - He

Since even biological siblings are often very different, I should perhaps not be so surprised that my children, who were adopted, are poles aparts in terms of personality and likes and dislikes.

Still, wouldn't you think that since they live in the same house and are being raised by the same set of parents they would have a lot of similarities? Not so, it wasn't the case when they were babies and it is still not. Thankfully though, they are friends, love each other and play together very well. That is when they are not fighting, he he he.

I took two similar photos of them, just changing the focus from one child to the other. It was just a little experimentation - I still think it looks a bit weird when the subject in front is out of focus - but when I looked at both of them it occurred to me that I could use each photo to write something about the child that is in focus. Sorry about the bad photo...


is a girl
barefooted and in T-shirts in winter
loves to try new foods
loves to travel
is a bit self conscious
is a bit serious
writes stories
dance mad
can't wait to grow up


is a boy
socks & long sleeves in summer
will eat the same food everyday
loves his home
doesn't worry
is too funny
won't hold a pencil
technology mad
wants to be a baby forever

A few months after we adopted my son, I made a layout about their differences as babies.

It is a pity that my son is now much more shy then when he was a baby, but otherwise, I can see that their personalities remained the same since then!

Did you notice that my daughter has two teeth at the top and my son at the bottom?



Cook22 said...

That's such a wide open debate, nature v nurture! I know my half-sister and half-brother are totally different to the rest of us, in spite of a similar up-bringing for most of their lives. And I've heard of identical twins separated at birth who do the same things.
Nice to have the earlier LO to compare with this one - and how funny about the two teeth!
I have mixed feelings about differential focus, but it certainly works when you are focussing on the subject, as in your top photos.

CoCo said...

How great to have two layouts comparing them at different stages. Surely one of the big advantages of scrapbooking. Despite my two girls being full blood sisters they are very very different - I should scrap that as maybe they will become more similar with age? Thanks for the inspiration.