Friday, 16 July 2010

Ms Lazy bones

That's me. I came back from holidays feeling reenergized and ready to be creative. But somehow, I haven't done anything so far. Hopefully tomorrow... For the time being, I'll show you some of my favourite photos.

This is an oldish one, taken after the official communion photo. After my daughter came back from school, I managed to convince them to stand outside, against the house's outside wall for a photo shoot. A bit awkward, as the space is very narrow and I actually had to stand on my neighbour's front garden - but, hey, the light was good there.

My daughter persuaded his brother to smile and decided on the pose, she's the ideal photography helper - she's got much more imagination that I have.

Probably the only photo that makes me happy from our recent holiday. It turned out nice in b&w, even if the focus was in the top of the ring instead of his eyes.

One thing I would like to learn is how to find that perfect spot that has the perfect light, that makes everything, even the most ordinary thing look interesting. I know it won't be to everybody's taste (almost nobody's says you :-) ) but I like the one below.

To me, it is about the colours, the green, red and yellow and the tiny bit of blue in her nails. I love it!

This was taken in the DART. Actually the DART is a place for potencially good photos, after all there is shade inside a train and lots of light coming from all the windows. I am not mad about the green seat, but otherwise it beats any spot in my house in terms of light.

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