Sunday, 26 December 2010

I'm back and I didn't even go yet...

Long story, we're supposed to travel last Thursday went to the airport but had to return home due to the weather. We're  hoping to travel on the 28th. In the meantime I am recovering from a flu and my son from an infection.

So we'll probably just vegetate and recover for these two days. And maybe scrapbook a little.

I got a nice "Christmas" pack  from Scrapbook Trends a few days ago. I had a couple of layouts published back in July and got then back along with some beautiful papers. It was a nice surprised as I hadn't seen the magazine yet.

This is one of the layouts that got published.

My son watched the Grufallo film again on Christmas eve. The film is as delightful as the book. Must get more Julia Donaldson books for him.

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Claire's cards said...

Well done on getting published Elisa, it's a great page.
I hope you get away this time, we didn't make it at all as the snow was so bad here for about 10 days. We're going in the spring now, fingers crossed.
Enjoy yoyr holiday.
Claire xxxxxxxx