Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Isn't good when...

...when you manage to combine a few good things in one single project?

Like helping to organise her stuff, use old photographs and also contributing a little bit to an appeal? And everything done very quickly?

Well, I was doing my regular tidying-my-children's-bedroom, mumbling why can't they be more tidy, bla bla bla, when it ocurred to me that my daughter usually keeps her bedroom very tidy,that is her bed, the floor and her desk. It is inside the wardrobe that is the problem. So, maybe if I put some labels on where to put what, it would help her to know where things go?

I wanted something pretty - that's when I remembered something I saw in this appeal. I'd bought the quotes kit initially, but now I thought I needed the frames:

And with that, I went to my box of unused photos (test photos, surplus photos that didn't make to the album) and found a few of my daughter's.
I resized the frame to fit the photos, labelled them and printed them out. Then cut around and inside them, put the photos inside, added a bit of cardboard to the back to make it sturdy. And they're done!

I've attached magnetic strips on the back - the ones that were to label tin boxes. And just glued  the one that were to label plastic boxes.

As my son would say, easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Sabriel said...

ah, thats brilliant! I hope she liked it :D

Sabr said...

This is a great project! Got to get them started organizing early!

Melissa said...

Fun project!

ArlaMo said...

Cute idea! I need to do something similar with our playroom.