Friday, 27 May 2011

My little reader and March Summary

She loved that we read stories to her every night before going to bed. Since both her parents love to read too, I assumed that as soon as she became a proficient reader, she'd read books too.

But it wasn't the case, we'd buy books for her, go to the library with her. And occasionally, if we insisted, she'd read a book. One of the thin, silly ones, about fairies and the likes. It drove me insane, how could a girl with a pile of books to read say she was bored and had nothing to do? Surely, you have a BOOK??!!!

Then I found some books I thought she'd like, her goodmother gave her one. And she liked them. Then I bought her a book, the first from a series, to bring with her for our Easter break. She devoured it and we had to go to a bookshop to get the next one from the series. She finished it in one evening so the following day my husband got more 3. During the 5 day break she finished the whole series  but one which we couldn't find .

Going from one extreme to the other in a matter of months.

March's summary layout - I misted the border, I seem to be in a border phase. I think all of my recent layouts have a border, even if it is only implied like the one above, where I left a thin white border around the whole layout.

The pen sketched grid is a digi by Ali Edwards - very simple, one of the things I like about Ali Edwards is that most of what she does are simple and anyone could easily replicate (apart from her fabulous handwriting) but she has an eye to put things together that makes them special and original. I haven't put the list of supplies because I've been  lazy, but Ali's digi is available at Designer Digitals.

Have a good weekend!

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Vicky said...

I too love reading and cannot understand how Sonny almost refuses to read at all. lol
Good on you for getting her to read the series, must have being really good. :)