Wednesday, 6 July 2011

one about the girl, one about the boy

I don't much use youtube, but definitely it has its use. My daughter wanted her hair braided into french plaits. Which I didn't know how to. After watching a couple of tutorial in youtube, I managed  to have her hair done.

This one is missing the title - I meant to superimpose "Tiddler" over "thing" on the die cut but didn't come round to do it.

The journaling says:

"Because you like to tell tales, I bought you a book about a little fish called Tiddler who always told tall lates. I think it backfired on me because you saw it as an encouragement.You told your teacher that I met President Obama when he visited Ireland.
You didn't think you'd get caught but you were.
Don't tell tales, Luke!"

I love it, not because of the design, but because it records something about my son, a historical event and also has my son's handwriting on it, I copied his school work and added to the layout. Sadly his grammar is not the best and I didn't think of asking him what he meant to wrote."


Cook22 said...

The French plait LO is gorgeous - a real vintage look with the b&w photos, the lace and that wonderful script background. I love it. I remember DH learning how to do those plaits for me from a magazine, but I never felt he did a good enough job to leave them in :D.
Those little flags along the top of Luke's page are cute - happy and cheerful.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Elisa... French plait came out fabulous... always add hair as you braid and for a twist , instead of folding hair underneath as you braid place it on top for a raised effect ;o)) I love the journaling, Luke is a cutie .. a child with great imagination ... big hopes big dreams... just fabulous!

AnilĂș Magloire said...

Lovely pages. I had never thought of Youtube to learn that. Great idea :-)

CoCo said...

LOL - that story about the telling fibs is fantastic! Love the french plait layout too. I learned how to french plait from my mum and practised on a barbie (long before there was you-tube...or internet for that matter!) - children often came to our house to get their hair plaited for events like dancing competitions because she was the only one locally who could do it! I really should scrap that memory....thanks for the prompt. As ever your layouts are exquisite!