Friday, 11 May 2012

A Photo Hunt

Back in February, in a attempt to get my own photo inspiration going, I challenged the children togo in a photo hunt.

I printed out a sheet with stuff to look for (which my son insisted should be called "activity sheet");  armed my son with an old point & shoot, my daughter with her own mobile phone and I with my DSLR and headed to the Botanic Gardens.

It was a partial success, as we arrived there a bit too late, and by the time we had something to eat, the gardens were due to close soon.

Still, we managed to take a few photos as I had set relatively easy tasks. Finding a leaf or a flower in a botanic garden is not exactly that hard!

One item was a self portrait. My son asked what that was, and when he understood the concept, he turned the camera towards him and pressed the shutter. It came out of focus, and only his nose and eyes show, but I love it.

Asian eyelids are usually hidden, you usually don't see a "line" above their eyes. When I was a child, I had one eye with hidden eyelid and one with a visible eyelid, which made one eye look bigger than the other. This eventually corrected itself, but sometimes, usually when I am tired, I get this look again. So does my mother. And my son is the same:

It's only a coincidence, since my son was adopted when he was a baby, but I treasure these connections. (To be clear, it wouldn't matter if my child was completely different, I would still love him the same, but I am just sayin'; it is nice.)

I wanted to scrap this photo along other ones he took in the photo hunt. Since the photos had lots of green in it, I added red to balance the overall look.

It was a hard set to scrap, as they wouldn't be the sort of photo I'd normally choose, but I am really pleased that I managed to come with something is ok-ish.



Sabrina said...

I can only assume you really did run out of time since the check box for water remains unticked, LOL - the squirrels are certainly a case of being lucky or not. I like the idea of using red for contrast with all the green - I usually think of more green or boring brown when I'm using garden photos. It sounds like a great idea of something to do with the kids.

Evonne said...

What do you mean "ok-ish"? These are great photos, and a fantastic layout. If you don't mind I'm going to rob this idea during the summer holidays. Thanks for sharing Elisa. xx

CoCo said...

Love this layout and the sentiments behind it. And...I love your photo hunt idea!

CoCo said...

Love this layout and the sentiments behind it. And...I love your photo hunt idea!