Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Big Moon and the big mess

Ten days ago, I was driving my daughter to a birthday party when I looked towards Howth and noticed that the moon looked remarkably big. It was a clear evening and the whole scenery, I pointed it to my daughter but she wasn't that impressed...

After I dropped her at her friend's, I went home, grabbed my camera and headed back towards Howth. I meant to just stop the car and take a few shots, but my husband shouted to get the tripod too. By the time I got back, it was much darker and a cloud had covered the moon, so it didn't look as impressive, but still I took a few shots. I am glad I had the tripod, as handheld camera would have resulted in blurry photos. I didn't get the exposure right and the photos are very grainy, but I am glad I went back.

Later, looking on the web, I saw that it was indeed the day the moon was the closest to the Earth. There were some amazing pics taken that day, google big moon and see.

At home, I trying to handle another biggie, the big mess in my craft room.

Starting small, I chose to sort out my embroidery threads. Which I use for anything but embroidery. Sometimes I use them to tie something, or to hand stitch a layout or card.

Anyway, there were in a big tangle. These are only a few:

I was wishing I had wooden spools, and then I had a little brain wave. I looked that the Silhouette shapes and found a spool shade. Silhouette, by the way, is a digital cutting machine. Then I figured out how to fill the shape with a wood pattern, printed, cut, folded and here's the result:

After I finished, I cut a little notch at the top to secure the end of the thread:

And the whole set:

Not such a big crafty achievement, say you, but I am so pleased with it - it looks nice and organized and I found a new feature in the Silhouette. That's the advantage for not reading the manual. You find little surprised every now and then. TFL!


Sabrina said...

Great photo, I actually like it with the clouds. My experience with night shots is that it takes ages working out a good exposure - I'm sure practice would make it easier. And then I do it so rarely I can never remember where to find the extra noise-cancelling function for long exposures.
It's funny what wood effect does to those spool shapes. I'd swear that they're almost identical to the white card "bobbins" you can buy in packs for organising threads, but I have never seen them as spools just because they're white.

Trinh said...

Our view of the moon was nowhere near the beauty of yours. Great storage idea for your floss. I have used the paper & plastic bobbins that they sell to hang up my ribbons. It works great for storage. Now I just need to get myself to use them!

Maria Jordan-Lloyd said...

Love those spool shapes! You could sell these. If Anne sees this she might get some ideas for her Christmas craft stand ha ha.