Thursday, 14 June 2012

Father's Day cards

Do your children make Father's Day card in school? I seem to remember that we always made either a card or an "arty thing" for Mother and Father's Day, but it doesn't seem to be the case in my children's school.

I particularly remember a necklace that we made for our mothers, it was made of pasta and beads which we varnished once finished. The (uncooked, of course) pasta shapes were those that we put in minestroni, little rings and stars and now I can imagine how the poor mothers had to wear these prickly necklaces for months to make us happy.

Usually I get the children to draw their own cards, but this year I had an idea of having them posing with handwritten speech bubbles and making a card out of it.

My son decided to write something a bit nonsensical "daddy call me maybe" (after the song), and when I argued that it didn't had anything to do with Father's Day, he completely lost interest and asked my daughter to write something for him. I regretted that I opened my mouth, as the point was having something with his own handwriting.

Here's my son's card, closed:


My daughter's closed:


 She came up with this:
"Every Dad needs a cheer.
That's why father's Day is here!"

Love it!

The font is Blackout, I tend to use typewriter like fonts and Century Gothic, but this one really made the cards!

The bubbles are part of the preset shapes in PSE, and I just added a coloured border to it. Here it is in case you want to download. Click to get the right size and then right click to save.



GrĂ¡ O'Neill said...

Really clever, love the cards :)

Ali said...

Beautiful cards love the colors and designs...
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