Saturday, 9 June 2012

From pin to execution

My two obsessions at the moment are the Silhouette Cameo and pinterest. Hardly anything I am making so far doesn't use the first one or is inspired by something I pinned/found in pinterest.

The first one is because I think it allows me to make things I always wanted but never had the inclination to cut by hand. The second is a fantastic repository of ideas, and from the beginning I am trying to only pin things that truly inspire me. Even if I love something I won't pin it unless I think I could make something similar or I could use as a springboard to something.

Here are two pins which I used to make my own stuff:

This origami dress, at 59 repins, is probably the most popular thing I pinned.

It is a very simple card, but very striking. The dress itself is not hard to make, while it might take a while for a novice to remember all the folds, once you learn, you could do it while watching TV at the same time. The excelent video tutorial for the origami, by noorinaya is here.

Here's my take:

And in this version, I ysed a border punch on the hemline:

This one is is another beauty:

Now, it one takes much longer to make. I made several of them and oh, boy, it took a looong time to finish them. I wanted to make something special for a special bunch of girls and it was worth it, as they turned out as I wished them to. According to the source website they're called  shiori ningyo which means bookmark dolls.

I placed my ningyos inside acetate pockets in the front of my cards:

Now I see I started with the Silhouette but nothing in this post uses it, but it's getting late and I'll leave it to my next post. Good night!



Patricia Roebuck said...

I will have to pin this myself when I get to computer. These are so stunning!!! And so inspiring. I have only done a few origami things with scrapping. These are so unique!

Margrethe said...

These are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!

GrĂ¡ O'Neill said...

Beautiful, I've pinned them & how to have a go too :)

emilysnan said...

hiya Elisa what a beautiful floded dress thanks for the link to the tut and for the inspiration too x glad i stopped by oh and lucky you with your cameo i only have teh silhouette sd but the cameo is on my wish list x tfs

minerva said...

I love my little bookmark girl - although she is a bit dog eared now with the girls playing with (apparently she does not want to be trapped between pages but needs to come out to play). I daren't go near Pinterest at the moment - it sucks up whole evenings without me realising!