Sunday, 1 July 2012

Colourful popcorn

Last time in Brazil, my children discovered coloured popcorn. I don't want to think how much artificial adictives there were there, but hopefully once in a while, it won't hurt.

* Patterned Papers: My Mindy's Eye (black floral, read), Crate Paper (dark yellow), 
Pink Paislee (circles, floral blue), Echo Park (yellow hexagons),
* Buttons: Crate Paper
* Fonts: Bebas Neue (title), Underwood Champion (journaling)

The title was printed in Paint Shop Pro. PSP has a nice feature where you can print only the outline of the any text. I printed the solid text with assorted colours and the outline in black with a slight offset.


"Since we go to Brazil every year, you and Lucy have already developed some “traditions”, that is, things that you like to do when we go there. One of them is to go to a feira. Feira is a street market, initially they used to sell vegetables, but bit by bit they developed and now you can get meat, household stuff, pirate DVDs, toys, plants, clothes, costume jewelry, herbal medicine, even ornamental fish. Whatever. You name it. But we go for the food. Specially pastéis. I am mad about pastel and now you are too. This year, in Prudente, we stopped in a feira after a busy day in the swimming pool. Of course we had pastéis and then went to explore the other delicacies of the feira. And we found this: colorful popcorn. Who knows, perhaps another tradition in the making?"

As I reread the journaling to post, I discovered that I wrote "two" instead of "too" in the layout. Tell me,,w many more spelling mistakes are still left? Or maybe, don't tell me, I'll get depressed.

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