Monday, 22 October 2012

Random Memories Mini

I took the  Pop of the Page class to learn how to layer elements, but I meant to use the skills mostly for decorating presents, boxes, cards and the such, because I prefer my scrapbook layouts to be flat-ish.

But inspired by Jen Jockish and the amazing contributors to the class, I thought maybe I could risk a mini book? My first thought was to use some black & white pictures, but when I went looking for them I found a box with lots of memorabilia and decided to make a mini album of random memories instead.

I had a very small album with a big wire binding - ideal for bulky pages, so I started working. Everything but the kitchen sink was my motto!


Opening page:

One of the things Jen said was to have some repeating elements in the mini, to give a sense of unity, so I decide to use the right page to house memorabilia/photos/decorations and on the left have the same shape journaling card.

The first page has our temporary membership cards for a sports club in my hometown. The pocket holds our cards and I used a spare photo of my daughter to decorate the front. I sanded the points of the leaf shaped pins to make them blunt. I am scared of pins!

My son's first proper shoes. The lady at the shop (Clark's) took a polaroid photo of him with the shoes, and gave a note with his shoe size and date.

Disneyland Paris. I took lots of photos which never made into an album... Here are the entrance tickets, plus one for the Paris metro. I secured the tickets with washi tape and you can see all of them separately.

Spare of passport photos...

I think this was the only time the four of us squeezed instead a photobooth. Must do it again!

Tickets for a Thomas the Tank Engine show. The Thomas image is the label for a shoe. Hoarder, me?

When my daughter had her first haircut, the hairdresser put a little bit of the hair in cellophane paper. I forgot I had it. This page is still missing something, I'll probably add a die cut later.

There's still lots of empty pages, but the album is already quite bulky so I am deciding if I will add more to it or not.



Rincy said...

Your scrapbooking is so impressive!! Love it.

Sabrina said...

Elisa, that is really fabulous. Not quote your normal style, but it looks wonderful in the photos and must be lovely to look through in the hand, it's so tactile and interactive.