Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Lainey's crop and kits

Last Saturday it was Lainey's class & crop day and I had a wonderful time. Meeting nice people, having a chance to chat, shop and crop, what could be better?

I managed to finish 1.5 layouts in the crop, and then another one later on the day. I am delighted that buying scrapbooking kits helped me to move to new directions in terms of scrapbooking. While I am not happy with all the layouts I make, they seem to come easier nowadays. Having said that the half-finished layout is not complete. I am going to restart on it later.

Finished this layout in the crop:

Sometime ago, I made a round layout using a MM paper and when I put it in page protector, I had a dilemma: what do I put on the other face of the protector? If I had put a square layout, the back of it would show, if I didn't put anything I would see the back of the round layout, not a pretty sight,since I usually scribble on the back of my layouts (supply list and another note). So the solution was to have another round layout! I got hold of a dinner plate as my template and this is the result. It turned out a bit to flowery for my taste but at it served its purpose.

I copied the crumpled paper idea from Davinie.

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