Friday, 29 May 2009

PaperPlay - BIG WINK ;-)

Here's my entry for this week's PaperPlay Challenge. The theme was "Buttons Galore" - apart from the red & green buttons, I tried to make buttons out of the photos, but I don't think it worked, could you guess they were buttons?

I am trying to have a layout done for each month of the year, so far I've done January and February - hoping to finish another one during the weekend.

The paint is not paint - they're digital brushes which I got in Deviant Art: Coffee Stains by Divinity-bliss and Splash Brushes by Mokashine. Which I also used in this layout but forgot to credit.

And wink wink, keep on checking the PaperPlay blog, the boss said there's a big surprise coming!!!!


Petshae said...

i really like that spattering!

Julie M said...

This is gorgeous, Elisa. I love the splattering, and the way the buttons bring the eye from one photo to the next. Cool stuff.