Sunday, 10 May 2009

What do you do with a digital layout?

This gotta be the most asked question to a digital scrapper. I started my "scrapbooking life" doing digital layouts. But only after few months, I started buying scrapbooking papers and was never he same again.

But back to the question. The reply is "whatever you want". I used to print mine. I designed A4 pages and printed them.

I haven't done a pure digital for ages now, but most of my layouts have a digital component, sometimes only the title or journaling, but often I design the whole layout in PSE. That is, I sketch in the computer instead of using paper and pencil.

Like this one:

My idea was to use a rubbon on the top of the blue paper, but the dingbat worked so well that I decided to reproduce the whole layout in paper as it was, so I:

- printed the photo.
- printed the journaling and dingbat in a cardstock with a similar shade of blue
- got a dark brown cardstock and put all the elements together.

What you're seeing is the digital version. It is a digital layout, a very simple one. The paper one it what you'd call hybrid, but only just.

By the way, the layout is about my mini techno-geek of a son. :-)


Petshae said...

thats a reallly fab photo!
i think thats a great explanation of the art ;)

minerva said...

i love your simple style - I've dabbled in the odd digi as a page base - so I guess it's hybrid. I'd love an A3 printer cos I think I'd do more then (but always think I'll do more than actually gets done :-)
The journalling is fab - the overall look is wall art, what I mean is it is too striking to hide in an album.

Dianne said...

I love that LO Elisa, the photo is fab - such a happy pic and the sentiment fits it to a t !!

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