Friday, 4 December 2009

Calendar Photos

Every year I make handmade cards for my extended family. This year I decided to be lazy and make a calendar instead, I thought that I could select photos, upload them in photobox and order them a matter or an hour or so. Not so. Took me ages, I found that I couldn't customise it as I wanted regarding language and national holidays, and it cost me over €80 for 6 calendars.

In retrospect, I should have bought a bind-it-all machine, printed the calendar (a freebie), printed the photos and put the whole thing together myself.

But at least I got a LO out of it, with a simple design plus a bit of softness added by the handwritten month names. Handwritten by Shimelle Laine, that is, not me :-)

*Digital paper: Starburst Mini Kit by Shimelle Laine @ 2Peas
*Month words:
Digi Kit - Penned Words::Dates by Shimelle Laine @ 2Peas
*Butterflies: PSE brush

*Font: Times New Roman

To be honest, not all photos were taken in the month as labelled, but they're the ones I used in the calendar.
TFL and have a good weekend!


Sabriel said...

wow thats a gorgeous calendar and a lovely present, well worth it Elisa :D

Kate said...

That's beautiful Elisa. I had the same idea but used vistaprint, it said the calendar would be free but the charges for postage were high. I'm happy with the calendar and I was able to customise it.

minerva said...

it is lovely - but my friend had the same thing - she got an offer for 3 free calendars but cost her €18 each for a finish.... can I interest you in a little used bind it all machine for 2011?!?! lol.

minerva said...

and an almost unrelated question - if I have a pic of dd in red against, say a purple wall, can I alter the wall to white with replace colour in software programs?(Photofiltre/open office/PSP)
What I want to know is how do people create the stark white backgrounds with a person in front without staging it.
Does that make sense?

Cook22 said...

Love your calendar front. Interested, too, to read about your experiences. After seeing C make one for his brother, I do not consider it a lazy option. And since he put all the work into it, I reckoned we'd print off a couple more for gifts - but not cheap!! If we do it again, I'll explore commercially printed options.
p.s. - did the swan card arrive?

amy said...

wow that is awesome. I LOVE it!

Liz said...

Eliza Such a beautiful present

Liz x

Claire's cards said...

Beautiful Elisa, we had one sent from the grandchildren like that last christmas, it also had all the birthdays on as well.

Valeria said...

good present!!!!