Sunday, 8 January 2012

70 days of Project 365

I am so happy that today I have completed 70 days  of the Project 365 (photo a day for a year).

Actually I am hoping to do 428 days since in the 1st of January I started the Photo A Day class in Studio Calico. It is great to have a community which supports each other as you can imagine sometimes it is hard to keep it going.

Nicole Samuels, who is teaching the class, introduced us to and I have uploaded all my pics in the site.  I also am uploading in Flickr and am planning to have an album printed at the end of the year, but the beauty of shuttercal is that it is in calendar format.

I haven't posted my album pages for a while and won't bore you with pages and pages - I'll only post this week's compilation.

They're snapshots, not portraits, but it is a start. One of the photos didn't go at all with the others, so I decided not to have it here.

Next week I am shooting food!

Have a nice week, TFL.

1 comment:

Sabrina said...

I think snapshots can be much more expressive. It takes a certain skill to put people at ease in a more formal portrait setting, but candid shots really capture the moment.
Well done on keeping going this far!